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CEP America

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The CEP America Difference:

• You are a partner from your first shift worked with a clearly-defined path for advancement in the Partnership.
• You are an owner and work for yourself – not for a corporate owner or Wall Street.
• CEP America is owned by its physician partners in an equitable manner that allows every physician the opportunity to advance to full partnership, attain the highest level of ownership, enjoy an excellent income, share in profits, and have a vote.
• We believe in the principles of shared ownership, financial transparency, and mutual respect for our partners.

Company History

Founded in 1975, CEP America today is one of the largest providers of emergency department (ED) management and staffing solutions in the nation, with more than 1,500 providers at over 80 practice locations, serving nearly 3.5 million patients annually in eight states including Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

A democratic, physician-owned partnership of emergency medicine doctors, CEP America continually achieves top rankings on national performance measures in clinical, operational, and health care service delivery.

CEP America's ongoing commitment to improving ED performance benefits hospital clients by delivering:

• Shorter wait time for patients to be seen by providers
• Improved emergency department efficiency
• Increased profitability
• Reduced staff turnover
• Greater patient satisfaction and higher quality of care

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